..mit Merlin Mann und David Allen.

  1. Introducing “Productive Talk” Podcast: 43 Folders meets David Allen
  2. Podcast: Interview with GTD’s David Allen on Procrastination
  3. Productive Talk 02: David Allen on patching GTD “leaks”
  4. 43f Interview: GTD’s David Allen on the “Someday Maybe” list
  5. 43f interview: David Allen on Getting Things Done with your team
  6. David Allen Interview: Getting Things Done with Email
  7. 43f Podcast: David Allen on interruptions
  8. David Allen on best practices for implementing GTD
  9. David Allen on GTD’s future (and why it just works, as is)
  10. Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen

via Frank Westphal