Activate IPv6 „Privacy Extensions“ on Mac OS X

The following simple steps activate the IPv6 „Privacy Extensions“ on Mac OS X.

Create the sysctl.conf file if not exist:

sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf

and add the use_tempaddr variable:



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Apple Switcher blunder into a GUI trap…

You are an “Apple Switcher”? Please, be careful with your first mouse clicks on Mac OSX!

The dialog buttons have a other order – the default action button is mostly on the right side.

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my favorite Dashboard Widget


Small widget to show the weather data for Germany, taken from
You drag your mouse over one of the four weather views it will be enlarged for better legibility


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Why Apple Makes a One Buttoned Mouse

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Macintosh, but one misconception that has persisted is the myth that Macs are incapable of using multi-button mice. And those who know this myth is false still complain about Apple not shipping computers with two button mice. Gear Live cub reporter XIcarus wanted to share a bit of background on what many believe to be Apple’s stubborness to conform.

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